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Learn with me

Below is the JWG  "ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE" Art Master Class

The fun digital and visual course for creativity and self growth, learn to paint, it doesn't matter if you never have!

There is 5 Classes, all released over the next few weeks,


JWG intro and Class 1 and Class 2 Available straight away.

The Course is Video Tutorials plus added information and tips through text.

I am an artist not a trained teacher but I am an artist who loves art and is looking forward to giving you an insight to my studio & painting career.

To Join the course you will need to sign in (email and your own password) A Personal Log in,

This will get you single access to the members portal where you can log in as you wish, to complete the course.

Once you click "Enrol Now" Or "Paint with JWG"

It will direct you to the log in / sign in page,

Then you will be at the secure payment page,

once you have Paid it will notify me of your Log in and you will have your course ready to go.

You can jump online and complete the course at any time, day or night.

The course will be live on my website for about 6months,

If you love this course, please let me know, there will be more courses added in the future.

Also through out each course, at completion please let me know what you think? with a quick review!


** Also never share your log in details as it ill log you out and you will have to pay again,

this is built into the software I cant change this, each is a singe user log in.

Any questions please email, this is my first course and I am trying to make it like you and I are at the studio creating,

I did not want to script myself, It is just me talking you through my art.

You will need:

- Acrylic Paints (Your choice of colours I don't tell you what colours to use)

- Oil Pastels (just a 10 or 12 pack)

- 4-5 Pack of Brushes,

- Kitchen Fork, knife, scissors or spatula is fine,

- Canvas select your size, I will be working on a 120cm x 150cm (1200 x 1500)

- some coloured pencils & Acrylic markers 

- An old rag, towel or cloth to destroy,

- Water for your brushes.

YOU CAN PURCHASE AN ART STARTER PACK CLICK HERE! if you live rural or cannot make it to the shops.

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