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Learn with JWG - Painting Course

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About the Course

'Abstract Landscape' - 5 Classes The art of painting, detailed, fun, textured and colourful abstract landscapes, I have been painting since I was 5 and full-time/professionally for the last 8 years, I am artbymejwg self taught Melbourne abstract artist. This course is raw and about being in the studio with me while in the comfort of your own home. Creating with your hands is so great for your mind set and mental health. This is a 5 week Course, 5 Classes - Each course is 30-45 minutes Upfront payment is $450, Classes are released weekly to when you start, Introduction and Class 1&2 are together at the beginning 🎉 We will be creating a painting from blank canvas through the classes below. Course is recommended on a bigger screen than mobile phone but it does work on both. Course will be ran through Video tutorial (painting with me) and Text in Descriptions Introduction 1. Creating your Backgrounds - Creating a platform you can build from, 2. Freedom of mediums - allowing your self to use a variety of different mediums freely, 3. Creating Layers & Textures - Learn how to use paint & utensils to create textured art, 4. Colour mixing and colour powers 5. Adding the final details, when to stop, adding your Signature and The Frame, Remember your are creating your own artwork, do not ever picture and artwork as this will stop your creative flow, and your mind will be limited to try and create that piece, I want you to lose your self in the artwork.




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