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3 Brand New Fragrances - Learn more about the frangrances below:

(Please Note this is pre order candles will be shipped on the 8th of September)

Be quick Limited stock


"Beach Bon Fire" - Imagine yourself on a warm summer night, strolling along the beach. As you approach a campfire, a captivating fragrance fills the air, instantly transporting you to a world of relaxation and tranquility. This scent captures the essence of a beach campfire, creating an atmospheric experience that lingers in your memory.The fragrance begins with a gentle hint of clove, subtly intertwining with the warm breeze. The spicy notes of cinnamon bark then emerge, adding depth and complexity to the scent. These aromatic accords blend harmoniously, evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Notes: Top notes are thyme and fir needle; middle notes are clove and oakmoss; base notes are cedarwood, cinnamon bark and sandalwood.


"Ocean Breeze"

This scent embodies a masculine and aquatic essence, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean sun. It combines the perfect balance of sweet and salty notes, reminiscent of a refreshing ocean breeze. The scent also carries hints of coastal driftwood, adding a touch of earthiness to its overall composition.


Notes: Top notes are bergamot, orange and neroli; middle notes are jasmine, peach, cyclamen, hiacynth and rosemary; base notes are cedar, oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli.


"Coastal Getaway"

This scent captures the essence of a warm summer sun, delicately intertwined with floral notes and a subtle touch of woody elements. It evokes the very essence of the Australian land, with its unique blend of fragrant spices.

Top note is ambrette; middle notes are magnolia, violet and sandalwood; base notes are cedar, musk and amber.



The Original Art Candle by JWG: An Original Piece of Art for every home....

All navy glass vessles are individually handpainted by JWG, are original pieces of art, delicately hand poured in the Yarra Valley.


All vessel's are unique, no two are the same, all are signed and numbered by JWG, once painted in his studio. All candles come boxed and sealed with a hand painted canvas band.

This is a one of a kind gift for yourself or a loved one.


JWG and the Team have been working hard to bring a beautiful fragrance to your space, we want you to have it burning in your home so it fills your home with a invigorating scent that will illuminate your senses. We have had the candle burning at our home & thats how we know its the perfect formula

Double Wick - 400gram Candle - Approx 50 hour burn time


Extra Information:

Please note Candles can be dangerous please read the safety card in your candle to avoid danger or hazard.

Wax and Frangrance are Vagan friendly.

All of our fragrances adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.

All of our fragrance oils are packaged in phthalate-free, recyclable, PET plastic bottles.

All of our fragrances are manufactured in Australia.

None of our fragrances are tested on animals.

The Original Art Candle - 400g - Hand Painted in Melbourne Studio

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