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 Who is artbymejwg-

Welcome to the artbymejwg Online Gallery, where you can find beautiful, colourful and unique art by Melbourne-based artist Jonathan Gemmell.


His online art gallery offers a wide selection of highly elaborate and captivating artwork that tell unique and vivid stories. Jonathan's pieces are inspired by the ocean and the great outdoors, and his positive and vibrant style is sure to bring colour and life to any space.

Painting since he was 5 years old, Jonathan now 34 and has an incredible way of working with and creating colours.

Exhibiting in Japan, The USA and All over Australia, Jonathan has shipped all over the world, his not counting but proud to say he has shipped to 20 countries around the world. International shipping was a freak out at the start, but now shipping each week somewhere new, He has it under control.


Jonathan is a one man band, he paints and packs & ships all his own artworks to ensure it is safe during travel, Never! touch wood has he had an artwork drive damaged.


Did you know? World wide shipping isn't as pricey as you think and we also have the option of rolling the artwork and your framing over there you can get a quote below by filling out the form.

"I want every one to experience my artwork and enjoy it as much as I do, I make sure to keep my prints affordable and reasonable so all can have art in the home or office"

If your looking for lay-by or a payment plan please get in touch, get in touch Jonathan can make owning artwork as achievable as possible.

Browse The whole collection which include:

Original Artworks,Fine Art Canvas Prints & Even some home and lifestyles fun stuff.

Any questions please contact JWG he is very happy to help,

PLUS Bottom right of the screen is "Talk to JWG", He will respond as quickly as possible.

Melbourne Gallery and Studio :

Art and Abode 27 Tesmar Circuit, Chirnside Park

Sydney Gallery: Martine Gallery,

Orange Gallery: Jumbled at The Sonic,

- Worldwide Shipping Available

- Original Artwork and Prints

- Custom size Artwork


- Artwork that brings happiness to any space 

Shipping Quote


Please fill out the info and I will be in touch very soon:

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