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About JWG - Jonathan W Gemmell

Who is he: Jonathan W Gemmell, known as artbymejwg or JWG is a Melbourne Abstract Artist,

Family: While JWG was Born in Melbourne, His Grandparents family was originally from Belgium, a country in western Europe. Inherited his artistic love from his Grandma Wylma.

Age: 32 years young

Pets: He has a Pet Dog "Kooli" the Kelpie

Biggest Painting his Created: JWG is largely a commission artist he has painted 100's of sizes with some being 2.8m x 1.8 and even 4m x 1m

Art Training/Schooling: Self taught artist, started painting at the age of 5, Dreams to be a well known living artist.

How tall is he: 6ft3

Why he Paints: Jonathan loves too let his imagination run wild, creating paintings inspired by the coast and imaginary landscapes full of bold colour, patterns and shapes to teleport the viewer to another world, where there is no worries and no daily hustle, he want to create a safe place to escape. 

Biggest Inspiration: His biggest inspiration is the ocean there is so much to explore below the surface, coral caves, deep currents and tonnes sea life. The millions of colour and patterns in coral alone could inspire 100's of canvases, but I also love to get lost in mountain scapes full off texture and earthy tones.

Career before being a full time artist: Qualified in Landscape Construction and Design, he ran his own Landscape company for 10 years. 

What Paints/Mediums does he use: Acrylic, oils, pastels, aerosols and markers.


Loves: Lover of the Outdoors and the Ocean, holidays in Philip Island when ever a spare weekend, food and great times.

Is he Married: Not yet but happily engaged to my beautiful fiancé.

If he was not an Artists: JWG enjoys all aspects of design and architecture, if he wasn't an artist he would love to be an architect.

Favourite Colour: He Doesn't have a favourite colour as he enjoys working with all colours to create vibrant one off artworks.

His favourite food: It would have to be his mum home made Pastie, homemade pastry and all.

Will he ever run a workshop: He has ran couple for groups, but hopes to in the future do more.

Are JWGs parents artists: No there not but both are very creative his mother is incredible with interiors and design, His father is an incredible product creator/designer, they have a store Art and Abode Melbourne.

Are you on the BLOCK 2021---- mmmmmmm we will have to wait and see!

Smile a Life Time by JWG Artist

Completed painting "Smile a Lifetime" 120cm x 120cm oak frame,

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